Do you understand me?



Aight, Mikk here.

Launching my thoughts onto the world. To do that, I am of course taking for granted that you understand what I’m saying. But do you? Or. . CAN you even?

Right. . we all agree that we see the world differently. So, that’s that. And that causes people to have arguments. We have all been furious at someone, because they have not done something the way we wanted. We have all tried to console a friend. We have (been) dumped (by) someone. The common statements from these situations:

1. “Do you even understand me!?!”

2. “I get what you’re going through.”

and of course

3. “I understand. . ” 

But wait! How can you? 

There is more than 7 billion people in the world. To me(I’m from the magnificently large Estonia) that translates into infinity. So much as there are people in the world, there are different points of view. Not only philosophically, but rather in the most direct way. . there ARE 7 billion different points of view, because we all have eyes in dissimilar places. When you look your friend in the eye, you don’t see you, you see him(I am of course saying here that men are better friends). But he sees you.

Because every person sees the world differently, we can not have the same understandings of our surroundings. There is no ultimate, correct view, there is only a core product for everyone to interpret.

Furthermore, no one is absolutely aware of the life that the other has lived. All our past decisions, occurrences, (situational)memories etc. These experiences make the humans we are and cannot be replicated by someone else. So when you say: ” I like bananas”, the assumption is, that you like them for the taste, but you could also like them for their slippery peels. I don’t know that. 

So whenever you are in a discussion, do not take for granted that you have been understood. And do not think you completely understand others. Ask them to explain why. Btw, why is the best question in the world. 

South Park is awesome, and if you watch the episode “With apologies to Jesse Jackson” and follow closely the parts of Stan and Token, then the same conclusion presents itself.

When in doubt, say: “I do not understand”





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