Is this real? (For real?)

The question that is in many forms asked by a swarm of science fiction works. If you have seen “Matrix”, then you should cope with the subject. What is the Matrix? What is reality?

Keep it real, Teddy!

Keep it real, Teddy!

My train of thought is . .believing that the world you perceive is real. . is a leap of faith. You could not prove to me, that the objects are physically existing and there is actually something more than my own thoughts. . there is no definite proof, I have to trust in it.

Have you ever seen a dream so vivid that you are inside the dream, thinking it is real(of course our brain is a douche and usually these dreams are nightmares)? What are the first thoughts when you wake up? Mine usually are “phew, that was only a dream.” Well, how can you be sure?

I mean, if you have experienced even just once, even briefly, a kind of disbelief in the world(like when you wake up from the dream) then you cannot be sure about the reality when you are “awake” also. How can you prove that this is real?

Another great science fiction philosophical masterpiece “Blade Runner”, where an artificially made hottie human replicant learns that the childhood memories she has are in truth someone else’s and she is in truth a genetic robot born a few years ago.

Both movies describe a sort of breaking into the “real” reality. But if you have already been deceived in such a grand scale, then what keeps you from thinking that your new perception of the world is true?

Of course this thought can not affect your decisions or alter your actions in life. But the fact is that you have no real proof of the world. But instead the acknowledging of the “leap of faith” is of importance here. The reality is not so self-explanatorily dependable as one might think. Even the laws of physics and science are based on a leap of faith in believing that the future will be the same as the past. But it can only be shown to be true in the past X times. One can in no way definitely prove that hypothesis to be true. You just have to believe.

So keep on doing what you do, so far nothing has proven your world to be fake. So far. .

And if you truly want some Inception style mind twist magic, then “eXistenZ” and “Total Recall” are in order.


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