What’s your first world problem?

The previous week was about nature. Went to the zoo, got home, watched a video..

What I experienced alongside the creatures of wild was total awe. It is just so refreshing to get out of the concrete walls and floor of society. And into the impressing arms of  evolution(yes, this is not a blog of a religious man).

But.. I mean.. the zoo. Everything is isolated from you. You are safe. Although you ARE in the presence of predators that could rip you open with their noses if need be. But we are not afraid. We have grown accustomed to not having to be afraid for our lives. It is normal in our everyday lives. Our brains are reconfigured to fear a 0,001% rise in unemployment ratio, rather than a polar bear.

But imagine that you are in the room behind the glass and it shatters. The lion leaps through the formed portal between civilisation and the ancient. With a swift move that is hardly seen by you, the teeth are already clashed around the baby’s tender flesh. Blood everywhere.

Well..what would you imagine you’d feel in that situation? A primal fear that is straight from your unconscious mind. You would be terrified.  You’d freak, go psycho. That’s how fragile we really are. But of course we do not see it. We have lost the touch to the nature. We do not emotionally connect to those situations anymore. We have overcome natural evolution.

And it is totally a first world thing. It was quite well said in a new Netflix series “House of cards”: In this world we fear things that cannot be seen. Like how little am I seeing, or have I wasted this day.. But overseas its the rational fears like fear of disease or violence that keep you alive.

What I’m saying is that in the environment we live in, you cannot be stressed about your survival all the time. It wouldn’t make sense. But when you think about it, it is ridiculous to worry about the things we are used to be pained with, when someone out there is distressed about genuinely mortal danger. .every day.


One of the most famous villains against the modern civilisation


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