What makes you happy?

At the crossroad by Hermanne Allan Poe

Need signposts?

The main goal of this blog is to get you to think and reflect on yourself. Sokrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living for a human being. I think that life is worth living in any way, but being concious about your decisions and actions and feelings upgrades that life to level 4.

The simplest way of reaching that goal of self-realisation is asking questions. Questioning basically everything. Until you see the meaning in it and what it represents for you. The are no overall right answers, but there are right answers for each and every one of us. The truth is out there. But the truth is hard to achieve. Reflection is something most of us aren’t used to, because society basically doesn’t want to allow that. But even though it feels strange at the beginning, you will grow in to it. It is just so engaging.

We are creatures of routine by nature I think. But routine is one of the greatest obstacles on the road to happiness. I don’t mean getting used to something and doing it, because it feels good or it generates cash. I mean doing something regular while not knowing why you’re doing it. When you have no purpose and you act just because you are used to do that. That’s when the hero of questions should interfere. He constructs a mystery for you: What is the goal of your actions?

The simplest place to start that actually has implications right away is happiness. Maximizing well-being is considered by most the goal in life. So why not know what makes you happy? Think, what are the things that delight you. Think outside your own actions. Think outside yourself. Think, what do you think the happiest person in the world does.

Also, money is not accepted as an answer here. Think what you would do with it besides hoarding it into a pile(or a bank account number). Furthermore, it is best when you do not think of material things at all and see what are the feelings you desire to fulfil with those objects. For example not your family, but the sense of belonging etc.

Write them down (we’ll get to the importance of this later on). Update the list regularly, you won’t think of everything with only one shot.

Now you are on the road. It’s a long road and with many stops. Sometimes to pick flowers, sometimes to get out of the rain. And because the way has many crossroads, it is highly unlikely that you’ll get lost many times and spend time finding the way back onto the right road. But having a clear idea what makes you happy, is like having signposts along the way, telling you which way to take.


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