What would you change about yourself?

This is a post for those people, whose answer to the following question is “no”:

Are you at the point in life, where you want to be? . . or . . Are you the kind person, who you want to be?

When you truly can say that you do not want to improve yourself or your surroundings, then you are lucky. Even though, the situation can change at any given moment. If your answer at any point in time is a “no”, then it means your life needs improvements. It is a crucial point in self development – the realisation and acceptance that you are not yet your ideal.

Again, as in the last post, routine and the fear of change interferes progress.

A friend of mine once said: “We can not get to the point we want, if we do not make changes.” When you think about it, it is actually very logical. If you don’t make changes, then you maintain your status quo. And this is the logic I want to express in this post. If your goals are different from your current state, then by definition already, you can not get there, if you stay the same. Changes do not happen by themselves. One can not just sit by idly and hope for a “lottery of life” – this kind of action only makes you more unhappy, because you do not see progress towards your goal.

The change can even be something completely random. You just have to get out of your comfort zone. It frees up, little by little, the enormous amount of potential we all hold within ourselves. Settling down before you are ready is a mistake. When you are hungry, you might settle for a half a plate, but the merry mid-day sleep on a full stomach could be so much more delicious.

For example, a year ago I wanted to change. I had comfortable savings so that I could not go to work beside school and life was safe. But I wasn’t going anywhere that way. I saw that getting to be the person I wanted to be, in the way I was living, would take ages – I wasn’t doing anything for that to happen faster. So I deliberately spent basically all my comfort-money on travelling and after that I had close to 1 month to get something going, or I would get into starving zone. But that way, my back against the wall, I was working harder while noticing and using up more opportunities. And before that 1 month, I got a good sales job(my 1 goal was to have very good interpersonal skills) in a bank(my 1 goal was to learn how investing works) and with a schedule with which I could keep focusing on university too. Things worked out. When I felt that things were starting to feel out of balance again, and I had gotten what I need from that job, I quit. I spent 5 months on finishing my school and now I’m ready for new changes.

I mean, on most of the times the outcome is unpredictable and things might not work out the way you thought they would. But people can acclimatise with absolutely every situation – for me, that is a fact.. The act of changing itself gets you out of your frozen mindset. That already puts your brain back into active mode. .  Changes are good, they should not be feared. But the ironic fact is that  by default we are just the opposite of bold. No matter the short-term outcome, You’ll get there eventually. . you have set off the roll of the snowball-, or sometimes, the avalanche of progress.

All that snow waiting to be unleashed.

All that snow waiting to be unleashed.


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