What’s your top 3 favourite pastime activities?

Another edition of  Top 3’s. The part of the blog, where I ask a (seemingly) simple top 3 question and try to find out the answer about myself, hoping to encourage you to do the same. These lists are prone to changes the more you think about them and should be looked over again and again as time passes.

Top 3 favourite pastime activities

I think when finding everyday happiness, this is the right question to ask. Try to maximize the time you put into the components of this top 3 about you. You might think that finding the time for it might be hard, but the effort counts. The more you find time for these activities, the more quality time you will spend. And who doesn’t like quality time.

There are limits to some activities. For example, if you consider eating in good restaurants to be in your top 3, then that is an activity you could not  do all the time. Simply because you are not hungry all the time. But that does not mean, you should not find more ways to eat in good restaurants instead of eating in McDonald’s. Also I presume it is not healthy to eat all the time.

And I also think that this kind of list should be more or less self-orientated. I mean that you control 100% of your own actions, you cannot control others. So the more you focus on the things you control, the more likely it is that you get to control your amounts of quality time.

My top 3:

1. Playing/practising drums(and other instruments)

2. Writing for my journal and blog

3. Watching good movies and shows(this gets better if there are more people to share the experience with)

As I make this list, I already see that I am not searching ways to find time for some of these activities as much as I could. . I am from now on. .


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