Would you choose artificial happiness?

Let’s get right to it. Would you prefer real happiness or being happier by ignorance? If you had a chance to participate in a program that would make you very happy until the end of you days, would you accept the offer or would you accept the challenges of real life? Why would you make that decision.

Let’s say that you are willing to take part in the program. But what if the program works by sedating you and putting you under machines that prevent you from waking up and create an illusion of a happy life to you in your head. You yourself wouldn’t know the difference. For you, all would seem real and you would not know that you are being fed artificial happiness. Would you still participate? I wish I had a wide audience and a chance to ask people to raise hands, if they would:) Maybe in the future. .

Coming back, I assume that the majority would not go under the machine. But what is the invisible wall that keeps from making this decision and making happiness undesirable? You are essentially sacrificing personal happiness, if looked upon that way. Because it is not real? Maybe it’s because we love control. And going under machines would mean that we would give away that control. Trust issues, that’s what.

Going further, is there a qualitative measure for happiness? Is some kind of happiness better than other kinds? We see from our example that in essence, there might be. The question being, I think, if you feel better when you have caused the rise in wellbeing yourself or is it an uncontrollable phenomenon, coming from outside.

This theory is connected with drug use – consuming chemicals to feel better. As the saying goes, being drunk is borrowing good mood from tomorrow with a large interest rate. Drinking alcohol – you are basically giving away control of yourself and boosting your mood with outside help. In essence, you are  bending the reality.   If you leave yourself for a short period of time, why won’t you do it for a longer period. Then if you don’t have a reason, why do it at all in the first place? What justifies the short term change of reality and doesn’t justify the long term?

I could make a statement that if you let drugs(+alcohol, sigarets etc.) manage your emotions, then you are embracing the possibility of the said machine control. And to exacerbate things, you are accepting the possibility of being just a brain in a jar. Without body and all pleasures and perceptions created by electrical impulses to a brain that’s in a glass tube. You wouldn’t like that would you? l’ll let you figure that one out yourself:)Gotta remember to exercise making confusing and overly jumpy comparisons  for other every day seemingly nonessential decisions in future also, correct or not:).

Not sure id real or just brain in a vat.

Well..yeah..a hard concept.

Justifying these kinds of sayings is hard. And they become harder as the weekend approaches. How come, when you know you will spend half of your next day with a hangover, you still want to drink and feel good with the aid of a bottle of beer(a clear understatement). Many times, the rationality of one’s actions is just not there. We think we are more rational than we are and we cannot explain a large quantity of our decisions. I like the saying that despite what we think, human beings are irrational by nature – we make decisions based on our current emotions and only later try to justify them rationally.


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