About Me

Mikk Villem

I like to think.

Start discussions

about things, that otherwise would slip

by me.

Only this separates

a man from beast –

the ability to think.

Why have many forgotten it?

What is your purpose,

your motive, why

you do the things you do?

Routine should not be

the answer to your life.

People, you do not think

as much

as you believe you do.

No given moment, action

or your whole life is

for letting it

slip by thoughtlessly

like an ant or a bear.

Better remind yourself, what makes

you tick, what gives you meaning and soul.

If there is something

stuck inside you, then find out what

and how to set it free.

Create something with your life.

The times, when the sole goal

was to stay alive and breed

are over, because

the power of thought is so immense.

And it must be



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